Born in 1990 in Lausanne, Marjolaine studied multimedia design at ERACOM in Lausanne (Switzerland) from 2009 to 2012, and then learnt animation all by herself, through internships. After working at Nadasdy Film(CH), L'Enclume (B), and Vivement Lundi! (F), she has been admitted in 2013 at the school La Poudrière in Valence, France.

She is actually working at Nadasdy film as an animation director on her own film. In 2017, she founded the Animation Film Festival of Savigny, first animation festival of the canton of Vaud (Switzerland).


2019: «Dans la Toile - saison 2» (co-director), 20x3', TV series, Toon-Boom puppet animation
2018: «Le Dernier Jour d'Automne» (director), 7'30, digital 2D animation (sortie 2019)
2017 «Dans la Toile» (co-director), 20x2", TV series, Toon-Boom puppet animation
2016 «Vent de Fête» (director) digital 2D animation
2015 «Novembre» (director) digital 2D animation, graduation film
2014 «Super Grand» (director) digital 2D animation
2014 «Sous la lumière, les oiseaux» (director) digital 2D animation exercice
2013 «Balloon Birds», (director) digital 2D animation

Preise und Auszeichnungen:

2019 Best short film for "a Festive Wind" at Heritales - International Heritage Film Festival (Portugal)
2019 Best Film (Cat.3) for "Le Dernier Jour d'Automne" at KROK (Ukraine)
2019 Audience Award & Swiss Competition Special Mention for "Le Dernier Jour d'Automne" at Fantoche (CH)
2018 Children Choice Award for "a Festive Wind" at Bay Area Childrens International Film Festival (US)
2017 Best Animated Film Script for for "a Festive Wind" at Animaevka (Biélorussie)
2017 AWARD for “a Festive Wind” at Schweizer Jungfilmfestival Luzern 2017 (CH)
2017 Film Press Prize & Special Prize for "a Festive Wind” at IAFF Krok Animation Festival (Russie)
2016 Special Young Jury Prize for "Novembre" at Animanima (Serbie)
2016 "La Fabrique à Histoires" Prize for "Novembre" at Poitiers Film Festival (F)
2016 Evo Promotional Prize for «Novembre», Oberhausen Film festival (D)
2015 Swiss Talent Award for "Novembre" at Fantoche (CH)
2015 Ciclic Prize for the project «Vent de Fête», Festival International du film d'animation d'Annecy (F)
2015 1rst National Prize for «Sous la lumière, les oiseaux», CROUS Contest (F)
2014 Golden Award for «Super Grand», Jenlain film Festival (F)
2014 Children Choice Award for «Balloon Birds» - Bay Area International Children's Film Festival (CA)
2014 Best Short film Award for «Balloon Birds», festival Cinémoi (F)
2014 Young Public Award for «Balloon Birds», festival «Partie de Campagne» (F)


  • Sprache:
  • Französisch (Muttersprache)
  • Englisch
  • Berufsgruppe:
  • Drehbuch, Storyboard
  • Design, Creation
  • Regie
  • Animation, Technik, Postproduktion
  • Mitgliederstatus:
  • Aktiv Mitglied
  • Technik:
  • Zeichentrick (digital, analog)
  • 2D Computer Animation
  • Compositing, VFX
  • Arbeitsumfeld:
  • Unabhängiges Filmschaffen
  • Internet
  • Region:
  • Romandie