Oscars 2021 11. Januar 2021

Five Swiss animation films are eligible for the Oscars in the category «Best Animated Short Film» :

  • «The Lonely Orbit», Frederic Siegel, Benjamin Morard (CH, 2019)
  • «KIDS», Michael Frei (CH 2019)
  • «Warum Schnecken keine Beine haben», Aline Höchli (CH, 2019)
  • «The Beauty», Pascal Schelbli (DE, CH, 2019)
  • «Le tigre sans rayures», Raul Robin Morales Reyes (FR, CH, 2018)

Good luck!

Cartoonbrew made an exclusive list of the short animation films on the longlist:

Cartoonbrew's list

«Kids» by Michael Frei (CH, 2019)