Puppet Masters’ Conference 2020:
Digital Edition, for free
3. November 2020

Puppet Masters is the UK’s number one conference for animators from all backgrounds, featuring masterclass talks from leading figures in animation. This year it will be accessed virtually through Diverge, with four events over four evenings, opening up the opportunity for a wider international audience to take part.

This is a series of free digital events to be streamed on Diverge.


  • Wednesday 11 November, 18:00: In conversation with Georgina Hayns
  • Thursday 12 November, 18:00: Panel: Guidance for emerging animators, what the industry is doing to survive
  • Friday 13 November, 18:00: Storytelling Through Visual Images with Francesca Maxwell
  • Saturday 14 November, 18:00: In conversation with Phil Tippett

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