Training Course:
Animated TV series – scriptwriting & concept development
13. Januar 2020

Open to graduates and young professionals working in the animation sector, this 12 week-long module focuses on the writing and project development phases:

  • writing a script for a TV special adapted from a work of young adult literature
  • development of a concept for a TV or web-based series.

Both exercises cover similar ground in relation to the challenges posed by writing, mise en scène and methodology.
Group project (3 to 4 participants).

In partnership with The Animation Workshop, Viborg, DK and Cartoon Forum (for swiss citizens: this course is supported by Media Desk Switzerland)

Location: La Poudrière, Valence, France
Date: April 20 – July 3, 2020
Deadline for application: March 20, 2020

Contact: Annick Teninge, director

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Programme (PDF)