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Antonin is a swiss director who specialised in Animation.
He moved to Belgium to study filmmaking and graduated from the IAD in 2017.
After that he produced a number of animation videos for Tataki in Switzerland, mixing various animation techniques.
In 2019, he joined the NFTS in England to direct his post-graduate film "Do Not Feed The Pigeons" in stop motion, released in May 2021.


2021 : Do Not Feed The Pigeons, NFTS
2017 : Animaté, série Tataki RTS
2016 : Panda, court-métrage
2015 : Lucie, court-métrage

  • Langues:
  • Français (Langue maternelle)
  • Anglais
  • Statut membre:
  • Membre actif
  • Techniques:
  • Animation de volume, Stop Motion
  • Région:
  • Suisse romande