Liste des Membres


After earning a PhD in Physics I moved to Amsterdam to pursue an academic career. There, in my free time, I started working with independent filmmakers in the region. In 2016 I made my first animation, A City of Rust. In 2017 I've founded Iron Goose, a production collective mainly focused on creating beautiful stopmotion animations.

Filmographie (Extrait):

2020 (in development) «Suleiman's Olive Tree» (animated short)
2019 «The day Roland met Renee» (documentary)
2016 «A City of Rust» (animated short)


  • Langues:
  • Allemand
  • Français
  • Italien (Langue maternelle)
  • Anglais
  • Secteur professionnel:
  • Réalisation
  • Production
  • Animation, technique, postproduction
  • Statut membre:
  • Membre actif
  • Techniques:
  • Animation de volume, Stop Motion
  • Environnement de travail:
  • Cinéma indépendant
  • Films de commande, pub
  • Région:
  • Suisse Italienne