Phil Tippet: Vision Award and world premiere of Mad God in Locarno 23 juillet 2021

The visual effects master, dinosaur genius and two-time Oscar winner will come to Locarno Filmfestival with RoboCop, Starship Troopers and the world premiere of Mad God (US, 2021), a project he has been working on for many years, experimenting with new techniques.

He’s a master of visual effects whose work spans the last five decades of cinema history, and this August he will receive the 2021 Vision Award Ticinomoda, with which the Locarno Film Festival and Piazza Grande honor film personalities whose behind-the-scenes work contributed to the innovation of the cinematic landscape.

On Friday, August 6, at 10.20 AM, Phil Tippett will take part in a public conversation at the Forum @Rotonda by la Mobiliare. The Festival audience will also get to see the world premiere of Mad God.

Screenings of Mad God

Trailer «Mad God», Phil Tippet (US 2021)